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Windy City Pride Soccer Club

About WCP

The Windy City Pride Soccer Club was established in 1997 by Ko Thanadabouth and his family along with a group of loyal and dedicated parents.  Ko Thanadabouth and his two brothers Nick and Doon guided 8 girls teams in the first year, and eventually added a boys program a couple of years later.  The club has since won 4 National Championships, 19 Illinois State Cup Championships, 8 Midwest Regional Championships, 17 National Appearances (10 US Club, 4 USYSA, 4 USYSA President's Cup Nationals), and many tournament and league Championships.  The program has also produced over 300 college bound players, many of which received some form of scholarships.  Players have continued their playing careers at schools such as University of Illinois, University of Michigan, University of Notre Dame, University of Virginia, etc.   The club's main site serves the South Chicago-land area, but also have the Western Springs Location as well.   

Club Philosophy

Windy City Pride is a select youth soccer club with the intent and purpose of developing the youth into a total soccer player. We do this through professional training and competition at the highest level (state, regional, and national levels). Our goal is to prepare the players for the high school, college, and professional level. In all cases, we help players be the best they can be and have fun at playing the World's Greatest Game.

Windy City Pride Soccer Club have options available for players of all levels. There are levels for players who are serious about continuing on to higher levels such as ODP, High School, College, Pros, etc. These players are serious about training, league play, high level tournaments that require distance traveling, and competing in state cups, regional, and national competitions. These players are expected to be committed to soccer. Here players will have to compete for playing time. At this level, FUN is mainly in the competition. Players on these teams will be expected to compete all year round.  This is considered our Elite team level.

The club also make available a level for serious players that still have goals of moving on to higher level but are not quite ready for the Elite teams yet.  The expectations for these teams/players are pretty much the same as the Elite teams/players.  These players are working to move up to the Elite level.  These players/teams are not required to play all year round, but it is highly recommended if the player wants to have the opportunity to move up to the Elite level.  

We also have the Rec level.  Although it's considered Rec these players will still receive quality soccer training.  At this level the emphasis will be placed on FUN and development more than competition.

Windy City Pride Soccer Club's philosophy is that coaches, parents, and players should emphasize working hard to develop his/her game first, and winning will take care of itself. We expect all of our players and teams to develop while they are here at Windy City Pride.


Coaches: WCP coaches are expected to help our young soccer players become good people as well as a great all around soccer players. They will challenge our players/teams by setting expectations and goals. 

Players: WCP players are expected to be committed, hard-working, goal oriented, motivated, determined, respectful, and responsible towards the team. The players should also have fun.  

Parents: WCP parents are expected to be parents, and not coaches. Parents should be there to give their sons or daughters the emotional support. They should be the biggest fans, and always there to cheer on the team. They should also make sure that the player is at practices, games, and tournaments, etc. They will be responsible for making sure that the player's fees are paid.


Windy City Pride Competitive teams compete all year round, accept High School players play High School during High School season.  The year round season include Fall outdoor, two indoor sessions, and Spring/Summer outdoor.  Windy City Pride teams play under the sanctioning body of the USYSA (Illinois Youth Soccer Association/IYSA), and the US Club Soccer.  Our teams normally play in the Illinois Women's Soccer League (IWSL), the Northern Illinois Soccer League (NISL), or the Young Sportsmen's Soccer League (YSSL).  During indoor season, our teams will play/train at various indoor facilities.  We will play teams at facilities where we feel is best suited for the team/players.  Teams will also compete in different level tournaments within the state, and throughout the country.  Our High School teams tournaments, if possible will include college recruiting tournaments.  Our teams normally train 1-3 times per week during the outdoor seasons, and 1-2 times per week during the indoor season.  The League games are normally scheduled for Sundays, but sometimes games could be scheduled for weekdays and Saturdays.


The fees vary.  Contact our office for information regarding fees.


The Windy City Pride Soccer Club is Directed by former Professional Player and Current Head Men's Soccer Coach at the University of St. Francis, Ko Thanadabouth.  

Playing Facilitles

The main home outdoor training/playing facility for the Windy City Pride Soccer Club is the Hickory Creek Middle School in Frankfort.  Our Western Springs teams train in Western Springs Sereda Park.  

Player College Assistance

When possible, the Windy City Pride Soccer Club will make efforts to assist our high school players in their college recruiting process.  Our goal is to help players get to the highest possible level.


We provide summer camps, pre-season camps, and small group training throughout the year.

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Uniform Orders

Email: Sthanad20@gmail.com